AudioMack Debuts Christian Hip Hop Playlist


As usual, DJ Mykael V is constantly on the move and making things happen. Even when he's not busy releasing his latest project, "Bodega," with 1995, or enjoying some time cruising with Dude Perfect, he's still actively searching for fresh music. And now, he's taking his search to the streaming platform, AudioMack.

DJ Mykael V told Rapzilla:

"I got started because I voiced my desire to want to curate playlists to Dee & Ace at Reach and they literally threw me the oop. I got involved and had to show the great people at Audiomack that there is a fire market with CHH. 

So now I’m curating their premiere CHH playlist, their FIRST CHH editorial playlist and my goals are to help push this space further into more credibility and recognition by showcasing new and fire artists and honoring and elevating established ones. I want to show how CHH isn’t a bastard child of hip hop but something to look at as competitive to the mainstream because we have something of not only quality but of substance to say and point to."